Choosing Your Morning

My cats have a bad habit of getting into spats at 5,6,7 o’clock in the morning. They run up and down the halls, the pitter patter of their feet loud against the hard wood and meow as though to tell us we we’re missing something important. On most days, I can just ignore it and go back to sleep. Baby doesn’t even bat an eyelash. But my husband, it drives him nuts.

It shocks me that he can even hear it. When I bring baby in to nurse during the night, she can be wailing beside his head and he doesn’t wake up. But a cat meow’s and he’s up in an instant, angry and grumpy and talking nonsense about getting rid of the cats.

This morning he was ranting in bed, so I got up. It’s not like there was anything I could do about the cat’s behaviour, but when I got into the living room I saw the most beautiful sunrise outside. The sky was a beautiful mixture of pinks and purples, a true sight to start off the day. I hurried my grumpy husband out of bed to the window.

When he got there, I told him to look. I could see his eyes searching as he kept asking: “What?” . I told him he was looking too hard, that it was right in front of him. He finally went: “Oh, the sunset?” I told him yes. I told him to look at how beautiful the sky was. He seemed to simmer down a little.

Now that he was calmer I told him he had two choices:

  1. To be grumpy the cats woke him up
  2. To be grateful

He looked at me as though I was crazy of course.

“Grateful that the cat’s woke me up?” He asked. I told him no. Grateful that he got to wake another day and see a beautiful sunrise. He was quiet.

Bad mood conquered.

I wanted to share this story because I’m a big believer that our perspective colours our entire life experience. I think sometimes we just need a little nudge from someone we love to get back on track when we’re not seeing things clearly. Watching my husband’s playful mood following our conversation made me happy.

If you’re going to have a great day, you have to start it off strong. None of that ‘morning person’ BS. That’s just an excuse to be miserable. Choose to be positive and see things in a positive light, and it changes everything. It really is that simple.

Have a great day.

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