A Caregiver’s Ramblings about Mortality

“You are not permanent.”

A random thought this morning as I mentally ran through my to-do lists and fed the baby. It’s like my mind just likes to occasionally remind me when I’m busy of this lesson that I have learned; that I am mortal and that my time, and what I do with that time, is important.

It’s easy to become so consumed with the details of life that we end up missing the big picture. We’ve had a pretty busy summer so far with appointments, visits with friends/family and all the usual day-to-day tasks. Being busy is not a bad thing, but sometimes when things get hectic you can lose sight of what really matters. Neglecting to ask the big questions, wanting to stay in our comfort zones and resenting the fact that we have to work hard for what we want. But when you consider that any moment could be your last and that your actions, even the seemingly small ones, can have a large impact on your surrounding environment and those within it, you come to really see what’s important and what’s worth your focus and effort (and what isn’t).

We worry about growing old, when so many around us (and possibly us too!) will never get the chance. It’s so easy to forget that every morning that we wake up with another shot is an incredible opportunity. And when we get hung on on the problems, the uphill battles, the assumptions, the worries, and our misleading perceptions of what we think life should be like…every day that we do that is not only a waste of our precious time, but also a waste of our talents, abilities, and our potential impact, as well as our power.

Though we must endure loss, pain, sadness, and many other challenging and dark experiences in our lives, we must not forget our resiliency, our ability to learn and grow, adapt, and the fact that every obstacle we overcome makes us stronger if we let it. And with this strength, we can make the world a better place by using it not just to further ourselves, but to help others rise and flourish too.

We are not on earth to rise along some ladder of status alone, we are here to plant the seeds and help others thrive so that we ourselves can grow along with them. In helping others, we help ourselves.



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