Coaching Solutions

Melissa Jirovec, Out of the Rut
Melissa Jirovec, RN (Non-Practicing), Caregiver, Coach & Author

Right now you might be asking  yourself: 

  • How do I know if coaching is right for me?
  • How do I know if I’ve found the right coach?
  • What kind of options do I have for coaching packages?
  • What if I have financial difficulties? Can I still hire a coach?
  • What kind of commitment is required?
  • Can I really add something else onto my already overflowing to-do list?




Who I work with: Anyone who is looking to grow, to heal, to move forward and thrive.

What we work on: That depends on you! What are you looking for? Balance? Inner peace? Happiness? Health? Here are some examples of things we can discuss:

  • Organization – scheduling, planning, time management, routines
  • Self-care – relaxation, “me-time”, nutrition, sleep, exercise, social life, stress reduction & management, personal goal achievement (for your own fulfillment), support
  • Adjustment – acceptance, lifestyle strategies, disability acknowledgment, role/relationship changes
  • Relationships – communication, when to push & when to support, family dynamics, different roles

Why  you should get a coach: Whatever your role is- be it caregiver, parent, spouse, career person extraordinaire…it’s not easy. There are so many things running through your mind, so many changes in your life, and so many new responsibilities that you have to stay on top of. If you don’t connect with other people you can easy become isolated and struggle to find the right life balance. Sharing your story, owning your story, and taking steps to create the life you want are what I strive to help you do. Here’s what you can gain from hiring me as a coach to help support you through your journey;

  • A fresh perspective on new or ongoing challenges
  • Support from someone who will listen without judgement or criticisms
  • Clarity & action steps so that you are always pushing forward
  • Managing roadblocks- brainstorming solutions to new challenges
  • Improved time management & organization so things run smoothly
  • Increased productivity
  • Fulfillment despite challenges- continuing to live life as opposed to struggling to get by
  • Stress reduction, balance & control


Everyone has their own individual circumstances. Therefore, there are a few package options to choose from as you begin your new journey:

Short-term Coaching

  • Solution for someone who is new to coaching, or someone who is in an unstable financial situation
  • Includes a free action call (online or by telephone- 30min) to chat about your goals
  • 4 sessions x1hr (500$)
  • Sessions are done online or by telephone

Long-term Coaching

  • Ideal for the action-taker who is looking for ongoing support, as well as short-term & long-term goal attainment
  • Includes a free action call (online or by telephone-30 min) to chat about your goals
  • 3 options to choose from: 3 months (950$), 6 months (1825$), or 9 months (2460$)
  • Includes ongoing email support between sessions, check-ins, 2 online or telephone coaching sessions/month, and written session reports emailed to you
  • Payments can be made on a monthly basis, however a 10% discount is applied for those who pay in full when the contract is signed

It’s time to write the next chapter of your life.

I look forward to working with you!